Marko & Friends FB Ads

Target audience:

People interested in becoming financially independent through real estate investments.

Our Approach:

A click funnel (a.k.a sales funnel) landing page was created to direct traffic from Facebook ads. The 75% off book at $9.90 was promoted & when people opted in to buy the book they were given an option to select the $99.00 Charity Class conducted by Marko.

During the first phase of the Facebook Ads campaign, audiences with different pre-defined interests on FB were tested. Creatives with different descriptions were A/B tested to find the best ad.

All the user data were collected from those who visited the landing page and segmented. The segmentations were done by those who purchased the book, opted for the charity class, spent more than 1 mins & those who submitted the details but didn't complete the purchase.

Remarketing was done for those who did not complete the purchase. Further, Lookalike audiences were created by the data collected to increase the quality of the audience and reduce the CPAs.


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