Classic Travel


Promote Classic Travel’s business travel service among corporates and to generate inquiries for business/corporate travel service.

Target audience:

Decision makers (Managers, C-level) & frequent travelers of the corporate sector in Sri Lanka to create brand awareness about Business Travel sector of Classic Travel.

Our Approach:

Main video (hero content ) which communicates about the Business Travel Service offered by Classic Travel was promoted through YouTube to very specific target audiences from the corporate sector.

Google Search ads were targeted for those who watched the video and searched about business travels. GDN Banners were used to remarket those who decided to watch the video and to stay on top of mind. YouTube Discovery ads were targeted based on KWs and different audiences to promote classic business travel services when people searched for travel related KWs on YouTube.

Separate GDN & Gmail campaigns were used and through contextual targeting many relevant leads were generated.

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