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444 App installs and online transactions through the Mobile & Web App.

Target audience:

All products and services go through the phases in the Law of diffusion of innovation when they spread in the market. The digital marketing plan was formulated based on this and also based on communicating the “why”(purpose) of 444 as a service provider to drive the behavior in people, which is to download the app and use it to make their lives easy.

Our Approach:

A working system based on Google Ads & Facebook were used to target innovators & early adopters (the law of diffusion of innovation) and to make them download the app. The strategy relies on early adopter spreading the word about 444 and tipping the system from 15% (users) to 18% (users) and catching on the early majority. YouTube was used to spread the “Why” message of 444 to the masses and also the early adopters. Google and Facebook App campaigns were used to capture the early innovators and early majority. Universal App campaigns and Facebook App campaigns were used to capture high potential users.

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