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The most important aspect of digital marketing is gathering data & analyzing to make decisions & conclusions. There are multiple tools to collect data, and it is essential to understand which tools to use and what data to gather. By understanding your businesses' objectives & goals, we recommend you the best tools to use for web data analytics and the necessary data to collect, which will help make business decisions.

  • Google Analytics is one of the most widely used free website data analytics platforms. We conduct audits to evaluate if analytics is implemented properly & necessary goals, audiences, views, tracking, events & etc. are set up. We set up Google Analytics standard & enhanced e-commerce tracking to collect data aligned with your business objectives.

    Google tag manager will be set up to organize all tags & simplify tag implementation. Google data studio dashboards will be set up and shared with the client to check real-time data.

  • One of our primary objectives will be to help you increase your conversions. We will analyze the traffic acquisition channels & conversion rates respective to each channel to advise and implement strategies to increase conversions. We provide insights by analyzing the audiences for you to understand your customer profile much better. Through user behavior analysis on the website, we provide recommendations to improve engagement and optimize for conversions. We look at the overall behavior flow, how the website content has been performing, how the website speed affected the behavior & events data to provide these insights.

  • In web data analytics testing to evaluate data and improve site performance is highly important & will increase your company's ROI in the long run. We use Google Optimize to set up experiments & evaluate the outcome. Based on the results, we make necessary changes.

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