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Manhattan Buyers (MB) is a premier buyer of diamonds, jewellery and watches in New York and was looking to expand its business in the United States. They also provide collateral loans for Jewellery, Diamonds, and Watches at low interest and with no credit checks.

Manhattan Buyers is looking to streamline its collateral loan business (pawning) by digitalizing its processes. The previous process of MB included taking manual records and did not provide its clients with a convenient method to identify necessary information related to the loans taken from MB.

The proposed solution improved the loan request, appraisals, and approvals process, thus providing a better user experience to MB's clients. Furthermore, the system helped MB refer to and maintain current/past records properly structured, allowing admins to access the information faster to give a better customer experience and save time.


The BAs prepared an SRS document to map and identify the processes and solutions. Based on the SRS wireframes were designed and prototyped to get customer feedback. Once the wireframes were optimized the high-fidelity design was done on Figma. The development was done in sprints, completing each functionality of the App. The mobile and web app was developed using React.js, Next.js, AWS services and Google firebase.


Improved efficiency in issuing collateral loans and enhanced customer experience. Further MB was able to collect and store client details.

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