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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical software development process followed by your company?

Our development team has the practices of Agile Development in place. This enables us to work shoulder-to-shoulder with our customer throughout the development process. The process involves four main phases: Requirement gathering & analysis, design & prototyping, development & testing, deployment & maintenance. Each phase of this process is stationary, allowing for user feedback to be integrated from end to end delivering a great user focused product.

How do you ensure the security of our sensitive data during development?

We place a high priority on security. We protect your sensitive data with industry standard security practices. We follow secure coding practices, perform regular security audits, and use encryption for data in motion and at rest. We also observe stringent access controls and confidentiality agreements in order to safeguard your data.

How do you handle scalability and future growth requirements for the product or app?

The development team has experience with building scalable solutions. We leverage cloud based tech and highly scalable architecture to enable your product to scale with user demand and exponential data-growth. We look forward, building in flexibility into the system for easy upgrades and improvements as your business expands.

What kind of post-launch support and maintenance do you provide?

Our client relationships don’t end at launch. Post launch support and maintenance are the services we provide for any potential problems that could emerge in real time. We update regularly, fix bugs, and implement optimizations to ensure that your product remains running smoothly in optimal conditions and is kept on the cutting edge of technology and security standards.