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Get your personal branded website up and running.

Customise to fit your personality and profile CheckTharidha’s website.

FREEHosting forever.

A super easy to update content management system.

NOmonthly/quarterly/yearly maintenance contracts.

Inquiries through the contact form sent to your email directly.

SAVE$1,000+ annually on hosting and maintenance contracts and more over several years.



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Website customised to kick off your personal brand.

An easy-to-manage CMSZEROtech knowledge is needed.

We will polish your bio and other written content. We need some info about you, though 🙂

Google Analytics installed.

A dashboard to see your data.

FREEhosting forever.

NOmaintenance contracts.

Save $1,000+ annuallyon hosting and maintenance contracts.

Choose from the templates. If needed we can do some customisations too.

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If you want a fully customised website with more pages, we can do that for you. We specialise in custom website design & development as well as many other solutions 😉.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the hosting actually FREE?
Yes, it is. We use highly secure and fast web hosting services, which helps us provide FREE hosting. Netlify is where your personal branded website will be hosted.
What do you mean by NO Maintenance Contract?
Usually, website development companies charge you a monthly/quarterly/yearly Fee to keep your website current. This is mainly because they use technology like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace etc. With the technology we use, you will not be locked into any maintenance contracts. But if need be every once a year or 2 years, we may need to spend 2-3 hours to get the site up to date and it will cost you around $100-150. You will be saving over 90% compared to going with another agency.
Is it a WordPress website?
NO it is not. WordPress is a good system, but the major downside to it is you need to update WordPress and pay monthly for hosting constantly. This incurs monthly and annual costs, which could range from $1,000 - $2,000+ depending on what the hosting company charges and the development agency's costs.
Can I update my content if I want to?
Yes, you can change the descriptions and images when you want. But you cannot change the website's design as it is a custom-built website, which is how we can offer you FREE Hosting and NO Maintenance contracts.
How is the security of my website?
It is highly secure, and we are using the same technology we are using on our website to build yours.
How long does this take?
It can take between 2-3 weeks, depending on how fast you can get the headshots done and you can approve the content.
What technology do you use for the website?
Yes, we will explain all this on the kick-off call, as it is a bit technical and could confuse you. But if you are techy, we use React.js, Gatsby and Tailwind CSS for the front-end and a headless CMS for the content management system (CMS as commonly known).