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    Digital Audit

    Your website is your acquisition channel. Consider it as your sales team and your store in one. Is it making it easy for your customers to buy? Or are there barriers preventing them to do so?

    Audit of Digital Assets

    We will analyze what and how your lead generation and/or sales have been performing online to date and how do people behave on your website.

    Customer Journey Research

    We need to understand your customer’s journey starting from why they need what you offer, how do they come to your business, how long does it take, what are the barriers or blockers, & etc.

    Tracking Model Set-up

    Based on above, proper tracking of all steps of the customer journey needs to be set on the website. This allows us to analyze behavior of users coming from different channels in order to build the right acquisition model

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    Strategic Concept

    In online marketing each component will never work alone in isolation and every business needs a different mix. Without a clear concept and strategic overview it is hard to make it work efficiently.

    Creative Content

    It all starts with content - what are the messages, images, videos you show to your audience. It has to be seamless communication between your brand and your prospects and it has to achieve the main objective - inspire and convince.

    Platform Strategy

    You need to communicate the right message to the right person at the right moment - and there are different platforms to achieve it best. The right mix of channels is able to bring sales to your business.

    Mapping to Micro-moments

    All three - creative, platform and target audience need to be carefully selected to hit the right micromoment. This is when your prospect needs what you offer and will give you attention.

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    Digital Marketing

    Having a digital presence only is not enough. There are millions of micro-moments which show us the intent of people & finding the customers who are only relevant to your business is what we specialize in. We help you spend every dollar to grow your business.

    Outreach, Traffic Acquisition & Remarketing

    We find and bring traffic of relevant prospects to your website. We use Google Display Network, Facebook, LinkedIn, other ad exchanges, direct buy, RTB, programmatic and all possible creative formats (images, HTML5, Rich Media, texts, native, responsive, etc.).

    Paid Search and SEO

    Search engines bring the highest-intent micromoment on the web. We will make sure people will find you when they search for you or for something you offer.

    Video Marketing

    Video is one of the most powerful formats to inspire and create interest amongst your audience. We are experts in YouTube and Facebook video campaigns.

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    Analytics & CRM

    We help you understand your clients behavior & profiles through analyzing all data gathered through many different tools. Further we help you convert your leads through our CRM services as well as to stay in touch with your clients to grow your business.


    Best way to learn about your customers is through understanding how they interact with your communication. We provide insights about your potential customers by analyzing website & digital Marketing data & we help you generate more business.

    CRM Integrations

    Having constant contact & proper follow-ups with clients who show interest in your business is vitally important to convert them as clients. We help your build & integrate necessary CRM solutions to convert your leads to paying clients & to reward your loyal clients.

    Email Marketing

    Keeping in contact of your current clients as well as potential clients help you grow your business. We design & deliver email campaigns which helps you get closer to your clients & grow your sales.

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    All potential online customers will be associating with your business digitally. Based on the level of interaction and customer intimacy you require we will build your web & mobile applications which will provide a great user experience.

    Web App Development

    Your website is the central piece of all your online marketing activities. Our websites are designed & developed to provide a unique & a personalized experience for your customers. We are very critical about maintaining all mobile standards required for your website and we make it highly responsive and fast.

    Mobile App Development

    In a mobile-first world, the demand for mobile apps is growing exponentially. The apps we develop has seamless user experience to help customers interact with your business much easily and fast which helps you increase customer intimacy.

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