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Demographics are dead.. Welcome to the age of intent

We specialize in Google marketing solutions which are Google Ads and SEO marketing services. You can read more about the SEO solution we offer. Google ads campaigns, popularly, also known as PPC, include consultancy, strategy, campaign setup, execution & reporting.

We are a certified Google marketing platform partner company and the co-founder and head of online marketing has three years of experience working in Google HQ in Ireland consulting media and & digital marketing agencies. We specialize in consumer intent-driven digital marketing which is the future of digital marketing. All our Google marketing solutions are based on SEE-THINK-DO- CARE intent-based framework introduced by Avinash Kaushik and adopted by Google.

  • Our services range from Google Ads setup, execution, optimization & reporting. Considering your organization's budget, objectives, and based on the intent framework SEE-THINK-DO-CARE campaigns will be structured & setup. Most relevant keywords are researched & analyzed through an in-depth Google keyword research. A mix of dynamic, expanded & responsive search ads will be implemented to produce the best results. Overtime, necessary bidding strategies will be applied to get the best results from ads. We will also provide insights into optimizing website content and consultancy to develop new content required to maximize results.

    As a certified Google marketing platform partner our tested and proven execution will ensure that you get the highest ROI from Google Search Ads.

  • Google display ads are a great way to create brand awareness & stay on top of mind through remarketing. We specialize in both Gmail & standard display advertising. Our tested & proven techniques help us to drive conversions in specific industries. For e-commerce companies, we provide dynamic remarketing to increase online purchases through relevant ads. There are multiple formats in display advertising & we specialize in static, HTML5 & responsive display ad types. All our creatives are A/B tested to find the best performing graphical content to increase ROI.

  • If you are a retailer looking at better ways to increase conversions, Google Shopping ads are a great way to start. There are two main types of ads which are Google product shopping ads & Google showcase Ads. Google product shopping ads will charge on cost per click (CPC) while showcase ads will charge on cost per engagement (CPE). We set up the merchant center for your business & necessary product feed to execute Google shopping campaigns. The key is to test different creative types of different product variations to identify the best performing ads.

  • YouTube is a great brand awareness platform & now it is moving towards performance, which means you can leverage YouTube video ads to drive conversions. Video is becoming more and more potent among digital content, and people consume more video content. We consult companies on best practices to have when managing the YouTube channel & running ads. Our company has experience in running YouTube video ads in several countries across the world. You can read more about five tips to grow sales & brand equity with YouTube advertising. There are multiple ways in which you can run YouTube ads, and now it enables you to tell your brand's story through ad sequencing, which is powerful than ever before. There is a lot of science behind creating engaging YouTube content & running video ads using them. You as a company need to pick the right online marketing agency to ensure you get the best ROI for the money you invest on YouTube.

  • Every company spends money, time & effort in developing a mobile app to provide a better solution to consumers. Digital marketing is the best way to find potential clients for your App. We use Google Universal App campaigns, Facebook App campaign & programmatic advertising to download & activate your App. Our tested & proven communication techniques that are designed & built on concepts such as, starting with the "WHY", tipping point & micro-moments helps companies get the best ROI.

    Google Universal App campaigns (UAC) are a great way to find the most potential users for your App. Google's advanced machine learning technology will place a variety of ads across Google's largest properties & partner websites to find the best users for your App. We help you integrate Google Firebase SDK to track in-app behavior to generate insights to improve the App & to setup UAC.

    The digital marketing company you select to partner and grow your business should have a sound knowledge and understanding of Google Marketing Solutions & should be a Google marketing platform partner. We, as a digital agency, has worked with multiple clients across different industries & posses over eight years of experience in the industry.

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