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Start responding to consumer intent & stop pushing your message

When you talk about digital strategy or digital transformation strategy nowadays, there are plenty of companies out there offering consultancy services.

We are fundamentally different from other companies from the way we approach digital marketing. We understand that digital strategy cannot employ traditional linear thinking models of marketing funnels or company driven digital marketing campaigns. Generally, when companies drive digital marketing campaigns, they decide what content & message to push to which consumer segment. This approach defies the future of online marketing that is consumer intent-driven. To be successful in online marketing, you need to listen to customer signals and respond to them with the right message.

The consumer path to purchase is more complex than purchase funnels because consumers have multiple digital touch points. Your potential customers show their intent through various activities online. It can be the browsing they do on Google, an article they read, a post they like, a video they watch on YouTube or a comment they post. We, as a digital marketing agency specializes in consumer intent-based digital transformation strategy & digital marketing campaigns. Our digital marketing services range from SEO marketing services, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC campaign management & email marketing.

We use SEE-THINK-DO-CARE framework with other concepts of starting with the why, tipping point & design thinking to help companies respond to intent shown by customers online. Our digital strategy consulting includes four main areas.

  1. Digital Asset Audit
  2. Innovative marketing framework (SEE-THINK-DO-CARE)
  3. Training and development
  4. Website Analytics Audit.
  • If you are a brand or a company thinking of sales growth or brand elevation through digital marketing, the first thing you should do is audit all your assets. The website is a critical asset in any company for digital marketing campaigns and to showcase the digital identity of your brand.

    When you consider the 100 ideal potential consumers for your business, only 3-5 of them will have a high commercial intent to purchase your product/service at any given point. So how do you make sure you provide the necessary information and engagement points for the rest of the 90-95 consumers? They are as important as those who want to buy your product/service. That is why we use the SEE-THINK-DO-CARE framework for auditing your website and recommending necessary changes to ensure your brand registers with all 100 ideal potential consumers who interact.

  • As a digital agency, we provide digital consultancy on how to tailor your traffic acquisition channels, content & digital assets to respond to consumer intent. Traditionally companies use to decide who to target, what message to push and when to communicate with potential consumers. This outdated method will deliver the wrong message at the wrong time when the consumer does not need the product or service. And most content pushed by companies is with the call-to-action to buy a product or subscribe to a service; at the time consumers have no need. This innovative framework will help you get the best ROI by channeling your marketing budget to cater to the intent of the consumer.

  • We, as a digital marketing agency, provide training and development services covering digital marketing strategy development & execution. It includes developing Google Ads & social media PPC campaigns as well as content development for organic growth. The service is based on the intent-based online marketing model, and we provide in-depth insights into the SEE-THINK-DO-CARE innovative communication technique. We also provide measurement strategy consultancy in website tracking, micro-conversion & conversion tracking setup.

  • Measurements are a crucial part of a successful digital marketing strategy & campaign. You, as an organization, should know what to measure as conversions & setup necessary goals to gather insights that help you evaluate the ROI. We audit and help organizations implement the right tracking tools. Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, LinkedIn insight tag, & Google ads, etc. setup & implementation through Google Tag Manager are some of the services. Our digital consultancy includes defining conversions & audiences and setting necessary dashboards through Google Data Studio.

    We, as a digital marketing agency, provides a comprehensive digital strategy consulting service that covers all aspects. Our services are based on intent-based marketing which is the future of digital marketing. For you to run a successful Google Ads or a Social Media campaign, it is vital to have your basics right, and we help you get there.

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