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If you are a business exporting a product or service, there's a traditional way of finding potential clients vs. using digital marketing. Traditionally companies found partner companies, visited trade shows, looked for export companies, or even set up physical businesses to expand in the export market. All of these above activities would incur high costs and would take a lot of time when trying to enter into new export markets. With online marketing, you start advertising your products and services by responding to those who are looking for similar products and services in any country/territory you prefer. The concept of using digital marketing for exporters is coined as digital exports and this is something that is widely spoken at Google to help companies grow their businesses in different countries and territories.

There are multiple tools by Google for your business to make use of to scale your export business abroad successfully. It's not as easy as it sounds; there are a multitude of factors that a company needs to consider when exporting. Some of them are the currency, local language, payment methods, competitors in that market, business potential, etc.

What we offer

Export with digital has three main areas.

  1. New markets - You are looking to export your product or service for the first time.
  2. Footprint expansion - You are already having an export market in 1 or more countries and now looking to expand into other markets.
  3. Incremental growth - You are already in doing business in several countries and looking to expand the business volume in each country.

You as an export company may fall under any of the above categories, and we help you grow your business through data-driven digital marketing in your export markets.

Under digital exports, we offer our services in the following four areas.

  1. Export analysis
  2. Digital strategy development
  3. Digital asset audit/development
  4. Digital marketing campaign execution
  • We use Google Market Finder, Google Trends & Google Consumer barometer data to gather various data. This data will include the market potential, competitiveness to advertise, economic growth of countries, etc. Here is a full export analysis we have done for the inbound travel industry in Sri Lanka that provides information on which countries to target during specific times in the year. This exercise is purely done to select the most potential export market in your industry from different countries of your preference.

  • Based on which country/countries your business decides on exploring the export market potential through digital marketing, we start developing the strategy. The strategy will map out any specific needs in terms of localizing digital assets, requirements for new payment methods & content requirements. We will also look at which platforms are the best to invest & a comprehensive media plan will be worked out. Additionally, depending on your budgets, we will provide you with a content marketing plan which will focus on telling your brand's story to relevant people to create an emotional connection.

  • You may already have digital assets that are developed in which case we will conduct a thorough audit to suggest necessary changes and new requirements to prepare for digital exports. The website is a central piece of digital export since it is the point where all your potential customers interact with your business. Your website should provide a good user experience, and the user interface should be up to standard to deliver a seamless experience to your customers. If your digital assets are not up to the standard, we will develop them as per the required level to cater to a mobile-first online market.

  • Paid online marketing campaigns and content marketing is crucial to acquire the correct consumers and to tell your brand's story. We will design and execute Google & social media paid campaigns to capture the consumers with the highest commercial intent. In other words, potential customers who are looking to purchase your product or service; we also call them the low hanging fruit. Content marketing campaigns are designed to add value to all your potential consumers.

    We, as a company, have tested & proven methods to successfully scale your business to any export market of your preference. We pride ourselves in being a digital agency that truly understands your business & product to help companies grow globally.

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