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Mobile Apps are a great way to connect with your customers by providing a very personalized experience. Developing a mobile app is an expensive process, and you need to find potential paying customers to recover your investment.

A great way to find users who are most likely to use your app is through paid mobile App campaigns. Google's App Campaign (which was formerly known as Google Universal App campaigns or UAC), Facebook App install campaigns & programmatic platforms enable you to activate your app through downloads.

  • We specialize in running Google App campaigns to find the right paying users for your mobile App. Google App Campaigns enable us to find customers who are most likely to download your App & perform a desired in App action. Google's App campaigns will place a variety of ads across its inventories to find the most valuable customers to your business. Google's advanced machine learning technology will use a variety of combinations of creatives & text provided to match & show different ads relevant to customers. We will set up all necessary tracking, develop creative assets required to execute Google's Universal App campaign successfully. 444 powered by Dialog Axiata PLC is a successful mobile App marketing campaign which was executed by us.

  • On Facebook, it is about finding the correct audience through many different experiments to increase the return of your Facebook App install campaign. We will run many different ad types from video to static images on different inventories of Facebook to identify the most converting audience. Once the audience(s) is identified, various other experiments will be run to find the best assets. Our services include setting up tracking & running campaigns to get the most suitable App downloads from users who are most likely to make in-App purchases.

  • We help set up SDKs which are required to run Google & Facebook App install campaigns. Further to setting up the SDKs we will define relevant in-App events that are necessary to optimize the performance of App install campaigns.

  • We provide insightful information on the user behaviour on the App using firebase analytics data. Further, we create the necessary audiences required for us to do remarketing using deep linking techniques.

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