Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist

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If you are the kind of person who believes in changing the industry by developing strategies and executing campaigns through intent-based marketing and shifting away from traditional demography-based digital marketing. This is an ideal opportunity for you. You will have the chance to learn and evolve by working with us on the future of digital marketing.

Strategic Role:

  • Understanding & studying the client’s business to evaluate growth possibilities through digital.
  • Researching necessary information & data aligned to the growth possibilities of the client.
  • Conceptualizing & formulating the digital marketing strategy tailored to each client.
  • Creating the media plan for digital marketing based on the above.
  • Generating business insights which are vital for clients through analyzing campaign data.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to work in a multi-cultural environment.
  • What is intent based digital marketing? And how it’s changing the digital marketing landscape.
  • A to Z on how a digital marketing agency operates.
  • We at AT Digital understands the power of right questions. You will be challenged to grow yourself same as we at AT Digital are growing.
  • This will be a very good opportunity for you to develop your soft skills.

Execution Role:

  • Creating proposals as per the standards of AT Digital.
  • Doing data mining & information gathering online which are necessary for clients.
  • Setting up digital marketing campaigns across different platforms.
  • Monitoring & evaluating campaign performances.
  • Optimizing campaigns.
  • Generating reports based on campaigns.


  • We believe everyone should start somewhere. If you are dynamic, optimistic & want to work to change the industry, the doors are open regardless of your background.

Added Advantages:

  • Some experience in digital marketing.
  • Programming skills.
  • Web development skills.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Graphic designing skills.

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